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Cube ice maker LTIM-3000

As an eminent manufactures, Labotronics introduces Ice maker LTIM series which can produce 40-10000kgs of ice cubes. These ice makers are cost effective and super power saver

Ice Shape : Cube
Ice Production : 3000Kgs/24h
Bin Capacity(kg) : 550kgs
Dimension : 2080x1920x2050mm (8.2CBM)
Cooling Mode : Air/Water Cooling
Cooling Fan : EBM(Germany)
Dry Filter : Danfoss(Denmark)
Power Consumption : 9000W
Standard Voltage : 1P/220V/50Hz
Weight : 805kgs
Exterior Finish : 304/2B Stainless steel
Compressor Brand : Bitzer (Germany)
Refrigeration System : R404A
Certification : CE
  • Product Features
  • Product Applications

  • Air-cooled, Self Contained, Built in Storage Bin
  • Clean ice and easy maintenance lead to longer unit life span
  • Consist of insulated ice storage bin and door minimize air condensation and water formation on equipment surfaces
  • Contemporary design with capacities ranging from 40-10000kgs
  • Constructed with stainless steel and rigid plastic cabinets and other high-quality components

  • These are widely used in laboratory, fishing refrigeration, scientific research institute, hospital, school, chemical industry etc.