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About Us

Labotronics Inc. manufactures a complete range of ice makers to meet all possible needs, whether it’s residential or commercial. We provide you with pure, clean and best tasting ice which is free from any contamination. All our ice making machines use environmental friendly non-CFC refrigerants.

We strive to exceed customer expectations thus we are engaged in offering a wide style of ice. The residential ice makers are perfect for small –scale ice needs and venues, such as your home, office, or small business. Commercial ice makers are ideal for large-scale ice needs and venues, such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, and bars.

These machines are manufactured using supreme class components and cutting edge technology at par with international standards. Designed to incorporate maximum energy and water conservation, our ice makers are the clear choice for every type of operation. We are committed to provide products that not only satisfy customer needs but also add value to the equipment investment by reducing costs and emphasizing food safety.